EMEL is the parking management company in the city of Lisbon. We recommend that you pay attention and take precautions if you are coming by vehicle. Park in the places marked for this purpose and pay the parking meter if it is a concession area.

Emel Rates

There are 3 zones. The city of Lisbon has three parking areas that will have differentiated rates:

Red zone: The most expensive and least extensive, with the additional limitation of being prohibited from parking for more than two consecutive hours.

Yellow zone: Intermediate prices and will occupy a large part of the areas adjacent to the red zone.

Green zone: Residential areas and will be the most economical.

There are also some areas where you can pay € 2 or € 3 for a daily ticket

You can also control costs and pay more conveniently and more economically (avoiding paying for a period that exceeds what you will eventually need) using the EPark application available on Android and iOS. This application assumes a charge that you will spend as you use it.

ePark App

You can pay also with ePark App avaliable for Apple iOS and Android:

Near Vila Celeste

Going down the street there is free parking at  Mouzinho de Aburquerque Avenue. Take some patiente, may be difficult to park inside the free park area.

Lisbon Parking Map

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